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Best Fence For Free-Range Chickens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Apr 2020

Let's face it, chickens deserve a chance to roam freely around farms and pastures; and those raising poultry know better than to cage chickens. Chicken owners looking for fencing for their free-range … read more

Deerbusters Introduces New Electric Poultry Netting

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jul 2019

Electric netting can be used for a variety of applications; but it is most commonly used to secure livestock animals such as poultry; sheep; pigs and goats. New to the electric net collection are … read more

Best Livestock Fence For Farms

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2019

Livestock farmers want to know what the best farm fences are to secure farm animals. While there are many types of fence on the market for farmland, not all are appropriate for livestock security. Let … read more

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