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Tick Movement In Winter

29th Nov 2019

Outdoor enthusiasts may be under the impression that once the temperatures drop, and snow is on the ground, that ticks must be a thing of the past - unfortunately, they are mistaken. As long as t … read more

Ticks Are Spreading Across Canada.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th May 2019

Once relatively rare in Canada, blacklegged ticks are moving in across large parts of country, bringing with them the threat of Lyme disease.They’re moving fast — between 35 and 55 km per year, accord … read more

Animal To Blame For Carrying Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Feb 2019

More often than not, we hear that white-tailed deer are the ones that carry ticks with Lyme Disease; but are there any other animals that carry ticks? While we are quick to place blame on the whi … read more

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