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2019 Lyme Disease In Pets Stats

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Many people have heard of the tick-borne illness, Lyme Disease; but pet owners are often surprised to learn that their pets can get the disease. Lyme Disease is just one of many tick diseases that dogs can get including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, commonly contracted from an American Dog Tick bite. 

In 2018, over 5.5 million dogs were tested for Lyme Disease with over 318,000 confirmed cases. As we could've guessed, the majority of the tick infections occurred in the New England Area. Out of the dogs tested, 1 in every 18 dogs was confirmed with Lyme Disease. 

So far this year, the numbers are projecting to be similar, if not worse, than last year. Nearly 1.5 million dogs have been tested for Lyme Disease and over 79,000 dogs are confirmed to have the disease - already five months into the year! This means that 1 in every 19 dogs has Lyme Disease. The cases of dogs with Lyme Disease occur in New England including Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

To protect domestic animals from tick bites, pet owners must keep out potentially infected wildlife carrying ticks with fencing. Dog fencing can be used for puppy playtime and to reduce the number of wildlife attacks on pets. 

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