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2019 Lyme Disease In Pets Stats

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd May 2019

Many people have heard of the tick-borne illness, Lyme Disease; but pet owners are often surprised to learn that their pets can get the disease. Lyme Disease is just one of many tick diseases that dog … read more

October Is Animal Safety and Protection Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Oct 2018

Wildlife are scurrying around home properties in search for food; and they are more noticeable to homeowners on lawns and in gardens in the fall season as they prepare to eat nothing but twigs and lea … read more

Pet Safety From Wildlife Encounters

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Aug 2018

News outlets across the nation are reporting more frequently about pet attacks from wildlife. In one instance, a video shows two small dogs playing when suddenly, a coyote approaches one of the dogs; … read more

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