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The History of DeerBusters

The History of DeerBusters

Posted by Deerbusters on 21st Apr 2014

DeerBusters first got its start in the late 80′s as the first nationally recognized deer fencing company. The fencing products that consumers found during the beginning stages of the deer control industry were developed in conjunction with the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Agency. The applications, materials, and methods of deer fencing were taken directly from intensive pasture management products still found in today’s agricultural community.

Those early fencing methods for deer control paved the way for more advanced deer fencing methods and products that have allowed DeerBusters to become the largest and the first nationally recognized leader in deer fencing options.

The First Deer Repellent

DeerBusters was also around when the first deer repellent was developed by the Integra Company in conjunction with the Weyerhaeuser Corporation, which found an egg-based mixture branded “Deer Away” as the most effective deer repellent ingredient when specifically applied to forest vegetation. Deer repellents on the market today span many brands and formulas, however the same basic ingredients are still used today in various concentrations.

Our history and experience clearly allows DeerBusters to be the leader in product application, product innovation and technical expertise.

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