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Why Buy Chain Link Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Aug 2017

For homeowners who are looking for home security, a chain link fence may be a great fit. Admittedly, there are a lot of great reasons to buy chain link fences: They provide basic security around homes; they keeps-in pets; they meet BOCA swimming pool code; and probably the best reason to buy a residential chain link fence, they are affordable - the cheapest type of fence on the market. However, Deerbusters has plenty of reasons not to buy a chain link fence. Keep reading.

Chain Link Fence

Top Reasons Not To Buy Chain Link Fencing:

1. Chain Link Fences Corrode

Chain link fences are made from aluminum, not galvanized steel; so, they are bound to rust after years in the heat. This is why Deerbusters chooses to apply PVC-coating to their galvanized steel fences. Deerbusters garden fencing is rust-proof and will not become damaged by weather elements. 

2. Chain Link Fences Are Heavy

Chan link fences are a pain to install for fence installers. They aren't made from the lightweight fence material that Deerbusters uses. Don't let the weight fool you, Deerbusters deer fences are made that way to make it easier for the homeowner to do without the help from a professional installer. The material is light; but it is strong enough to stop a herd of deer!

3. Chain Link Fences Are An Eyesore

You can spot a chain link fence from a few blocks away. They don't "hide" well. For homeowners who want to enjoy the view of their landscape, a Deerbusters deer fence is the way to go. Not only are the fences virtually invisible; but they blend-in with the surroundings. Think of it as a virtually invisible security system for your garden. 

4. Chain Link Isn't Exactly 'Beautiful"

So, what if it meets pool code and can go around properties - homeowners can use welded wire fencing around pools and land, too; and welded wire mesh is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So, why spend the money on something that makes your property look "cheap?"

For all of these reasons, Deerbusters encourages property owners to install a Deerbusters deer fence on lawns and in gardens.

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