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Best Time To Plant Tomatoes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Apr 2018

Now that the weather is [finally] warming up, the time has come to plant tomatoes (unless you live in Zone 10). While we cannot decide whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, we can all agree that April is the best time of year for planting tomato seeds in the garden - after the last frost, of course. 

A support system for growing tomatoes is recommended, whether it's tomato stakes, trellises or cages, as this keeps the plants off the ground. If using stakes, growers should prune back the stems so that only a couple of stems are growing per stake. Gardeners will want to plant seedlings two feet apart and water about two inches each week during the warm summer months. Water plants early in the morning before the big heat wave, if you can. Be sure not to over-water plants and use plenty of compost or mulch. 

Tomatoes grow best above 55-60 degree temperatures. If temperatures drop below these temperatures, insulate them with blankets, covers or burlap to keep them warm. Do not cover them tightly or they will suffocate.

Happy Growing!

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