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New Cat Fence Conversion Kits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Mar 2020

Homeowners that own cats are always looking for creative ways to keep their cats securely outside. For those that already own a fence, they won't want to install a cat enclosure. That's why Deerbusters has cat fence extender kits that will easily attach to already existing fences.

The cat fence conversion kits come with overhang extenders; fence mesh and hardware to easily attach to split rail, wooden and decorative metal fencing. While the concept isn't new to create a cat fence, the extension kit from Deerbusters is - adding height to keep cats securely in and wildlife out. Extension heights offer 1' or 3' options for 100', 200', and 300' systems. 

Want a cat fence but already have a fence? No problem. Choose to install the Cat Fence Conversion Kit from 

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