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The Health Benefits Of Honey

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Jun 2018

Tea with honey in it is what we turn to when we have the common cold or a sore throat; but there are other health benefits of honey that will make honey a regular part of your balanced diet. 

Honey strengthens the immune system and regulates blood sugar. Best of all, honey can prevent cancer and heart disease? Honey contains flavonoids that reduce the risk of some cancers. It can also reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders. 

The thick, golden liquid of honey is made by bees using the nectar of flowering plants and is saved in beehives. Because June is Pollinator Month, it is important to learn the importance of bees and ways to save the bees. Since bees are responsible for the growth of more than 90 percent of the foods we eat, it makes sense that growers should protect pollinating flowers from white-tailed deer and beehives from bears. This is why deer management strategies, such as deer fencing, are so important to implement this season.

Plant pollinating flowers for these beneficial insects and save the bees.

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