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Types of Electric Fence Wire

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2018

Electric Fence is a great option for livestock owners who are looking to secure cattle, chickens, horses and other livestock animals. There are many types of electric fence wire; and each serve a different purpose; so, it will depend on the animal(s) an owner is trying to fence in. 

Poly Wire

Polywire is the base grade of electric wire. It is cost-effective and can serve as a temporary or seasonal solution on farms, pastures and gardens. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It best serves for large, slow-moving animals such as cattle and bison. It is not as strong as poly tape or poly rope; however it will last up to 10 years outside.

Poly Tape

Known for its ribbon-like components, polytape is used in areas with high grass and brown landscapes. Polytape is used for horse management on farms because of its highly visible, white color. Like deer, horses have trouble seeing; so, this type of electric fence helps horses see the fence. Like poly wire, it is lightweight, easy to install and will not rust. Poly tape will last between 5-7 years outside due to wind friction.  

Poly Rope

Polyrope is the strongest braided wire for electric fencing. This type of fence wire is strong and works well in windy areas. It is highly visible, like polytape, and will not corrode. Poly rope may last between 20-30 years on farmlands with proper care and maintenance work.

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