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What Is a Cutter Puller Tool?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th May 2020

When starting fence installation, there are some tools that are required - such as a basic hammer and sledgehammer - and others that are strongly recommended. One of the most recommended fence installation tools is the cutter puller tool.

The cutter puller tool helps to attach zip ties to the posts and will keep the fence mesh tight against each line post. Without the cutter puller tool, fence mesh may droop. The cutter puller tool, available for traditional self-locking ties or stainless steel ties, are easy to use: simply insert the zip tie and crank until the zip tie is firm on the post. And, to cut off the excess zip tie, snip it off with one click on the tool. This action will give the fence a more polished look without dancing zip ties. 

The cutter puller tool is recommended for deer fence installation and will save both time and effort when attaching zip ties to line posts. 

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