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When Do Rabbits Give Birth?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Feb 2019

Cottontail bunnies will soon be hopping around lawns and gardens. 

At the first sign of spring, rabbit breeding season begins and doesn't end until late summer. Future mother rabbits are usually pregnant for 28-30 days and give birth in a built nest in an open area where they can be left along and be unseen by homeowners. 

The problem for growers is that bunnies will arrive in spring (late March); and they will eat all kinds of vegetables including leafy greens. Spring is also the time of year that white-tailed deer give birth. That creates a double-decker problem for home growers.

To rid rabbits from gardens this spring, gardeners will need to install a strong metal fence with PVC to block chew marks and digging from rabbits. The steel fence will need to be trenched into the ground and buried at least 6 inches to stop burrowing rabbits.

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