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Deer Movement's Affect On Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Apr 2018

Spring is the heaviest season for deer activity; and as gardeners go outside and plant spring flowers, they are seeing a lot more deer on properties than they did in winter. This is not only a nuisance, but a health concern for both homeowner and pets.

Some deer travel onto properties with ticks carrying tick-borne diseases such as Lyme Disease; and while most people are fully aware that deer ticks can give humans infections, they are sometimes surprised to hear that pets can get the disease, too (among others). The aftermath of Lyme Disease in dogs can last 2-5 months, whereas with cats, the effects of Lyme Disease will only last a few days. 

To protect pets from the spread of tick diseases, homeowners are encouraged to build pet fencing around properties to keep away wildlife. The logic is simple: Keep out deer and protect dogs and cats from tick bites spread by deer and ticks. 

April is Lyme Disease Prevention In Dogs Month. Keep dogs safe from tick bites this season.

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