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The Benefits Of Dog Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Aug 2019

Now that the Clear the Shelters event is over, and new pets are home with their second families, pet owners should consider installing fence in the yard. There are many reasons for choosing to install fencing for dogs including:

  • Security: Dogs need a secure area to roam freely and play. Being in a new home, they need to learn their new surroundings and be able to navigate around the property without interfacing with harm (wildlife encounters; strangers; stray dogs and feral cats)
  • Convenience: For those that don't have a dog park near, or do not have time to take them on doggie play dates, fencing in yards helps. With dog fencing, simply let them outside to play!
  • Socialization: Like us, dogs need a chance to socialize with friends; and fencing will keep all pets safe and secure in the backyard during outside playtime. 
  • Fitness: Dogs simply cannot stay inside all day. They need to burn pint up energy. With fencing, they can run around for an hour each day and work those stiff muscles and joints.

While there are many fence on the market, looking at alternatives to chain-link fence and electric fencing for dogs may be of interest for pet owners that want a more humane fence that is easy to install without professional help.

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