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Tips For Growing Blueberries

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Mar 2019

Early Spring (March and April) is the best time of year to begin growing blueberries. But, before gardeners begin planting and making holes in the ground, here are tips that can be applied to grow the finest tasting blueberries. 

  • Choose a sunny spot to plant blueberries
  • Water well - especially the first two years of growing. 
  • Check pH levels to 4-5 using pelleted sulfur and add more sulfur every few years.
  • Mulch to a depth of 3 inches with wood shavings or pine needles. Replenish each year. 
  • Must use organic soil; and two drip lines should be added for proper soil moisture. (Drip irrigation should be applied three times per week, at least.)
  • Keep deer away from blueberry plants by draping bird netting and/or installing a deer fence around the growing site.

By the end of the second year of growing blueberries, blueberry plants will grow from 5-6 feet high. It's possible that 5000+ pounds of blueberries will grow; and they can be sold for up to 4.50 per pound! That's a lot of blueberries and even more cash!

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