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Bird Nets

Protect shrubbery, fruit trees and vineyards with our protective netting for bird control. 

bird-3791604-1920.jpgWhile most property owners are quick to blame whitetails for the loss of crops, many will be surprised to learn that deer are not always the culprits.

According to USDA-APHIS, birds cause more than $100 million in crop losses each year to corn, sunflower, wheat, sorghum, rice and fruit. Many homeowners report that pigeons, black birds and woodpeckers are seen most often on lawns and wish they would fly elsewhere. 

Well, they can, with bird netting from

Bird nets are made from a loose poly mesh netting that are lightweight and affordable barriers against bird damage. The polypropylene material resists corrosion and environmental damage even after years of use outdoors. Bird control netting is also UV-stabilized for longevity, and incredibly easy to handle.

In addition to protecting berry bushes, Bird Netting is helpful during the early stages of vineyard development and management to protect the fresh buds from migrating birds in spring and fall.

Protect landscapes today with bird nets from!

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