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How To Keep Deer Away This Season

Now that Spring has arrived, deer and other wildlife pests are approaching properties braver than ever; and where there are deer, there are ticks that follow. Because we are in the heart of tick season, Deerbusters encourages homeowners to install deer fence on lawns now to protect families and pets from tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease. For home growers who have had enough of white-tailed deer and rodents feasting on flowerbeds and causing crop damage, then you've come to the right place. Deerbusters is here to help gardeners protect flowerbeds, fruits, and vegetable gardens from hungry deer, elk and small critters with effective garden fence solutions. Yard fencing is the #1 most effective means for deer management!

DeerBusters USA has been successfully excluding deer and rodents from farms, orchards, vineyards, and backyard gardens for over 25 years with virtually invisible fence and quality fence parts. Our two warehouses in Pennsylvania (Headquarters) and California provide fast shipping options to give customers quality garden fencing in a hurry. Deerbusters Deer Fence offers different fence types in various strengths and sizes. Our most popular type of deer fence, the poly deer fence with a reinforced bottom edge, is made from a tough plastic fence mesh, provides extra rodent control at the bottom. For high-impact deer pressure, consider our metal deer fencing available in a steel hex web, welded wire or fixed knot material. We proudly carry TENAX fence and offer the best prices on all TENAX fencing products. In addition to our easy-to-install poly, metal and electric fence for sale, Deerbusters carries a full line of granular and liquid deer repellents, wolf and coyote urine, and live animal traps to further apply nuisance wildlife control and removal. For pet owners, we even offer dog enclosures and cat fence kits! provides simple fence installation videos through our YouTube Channel and free download instructions making it easier than ever for homeowners to complete the DIY project without the need for professional installers. We welcome you to view our Customer Fence Portfolio and explore yard fence options for sale on To help our friends in the North, Deerbusters launched to accommodate the needs of landowners throughout Canada. If you are wondering how to protect your garden from deer, then you need Deerbusters. Contact Deerbusters today at (888) 422-3337 to discuss your garden management needs.

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