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Deer Fences vs. Animal Fences

At Deer Busters, we’re known for our award-winning deer fences, but we also sell animal fences for dogs, cats, and rodents. There are some differences between the two types – while some keep animals out, others keep animals in. All, however, are virtually invisible, long-lasting, and require little maintenance.Deer Fences Deer like to jump, which is [...]

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A New Possibility for Detecting Lyme Disease

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control records more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that is found throughout the U.S. and is carried mainly by deer ticks. The disease can be hard to diagnose, however, because many of the symptoms are sometimes found in other illnesses (such as mononucleosis, fibromyalgia, meningitis, [...]

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8 Old-Fashioned Gardening Hacks

With so many modern-day gardening tips, we often forget that there were ones used by our grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents that are still incredibly successful. Our deer fence company went on a hunt for some of the best old-fashioned ways to grow your garden.Branch Mound This technique is perfect if you have extra logs, branches, or [...]

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Why Are Deer Sterilized?

Have you ever heard of a city or county sterilizing the deer in their area? If so, have you ever wondered why? Like hunting, sterilization serves as a form of population control; the most common areas to use it are areas with large human populations and not much hunting land. The most recent city to initiate [...]

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Should Cold States Have Deer Feeding Programs?

This year’s winter has been particularly cold for most of the country, but for the animals living in the North, this year’s winter has been full of extreme conditions. Throughout the season, snow and ice have made it difficult for deer to find food, and right now, one state is arguing as whether the deer [...]

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Grow Your Fruits in Containers!

As winter progresses, much of the United States continues to experience dry, frigid temperatures and our deer fence company is willing to bet there are a lot of gardeners out there who are looking forward to the warmth of spring. If you go through gardening withdrawal during the winter months, perhaps it’s time to invest [...]

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5 More DIY Deer Repellent Recipes

A few months ago, our deer fence company wrote a blog titled “5 DIY Deer Repellent Recipes” and discovered that several gardeners and landscapers loved the combinations we shared. So we’re back with 5 more DIY deer repellent recipes that you can use throughout your yard:Recipe #1: 1 egg 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 Tablespoon milk or [...]

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Top 10 Tools Every Gardener Needs

Winter is in full swing, but before we know it, spring will show its face and it will be time to get back to gardening. While your plants are dormant, now is a great time to stock up on some great gardening tools for this year. Check out the ones our deer fencing company recommends [...]

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6 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

As a deer fence company, we know how frustrating it is trying to keep deer out of your yard – especially when they eat all of the plants you worked hard to grow. While we recommend one of our award-winning deer fences, there are also other ways that you can deter the animals from roaming [...]

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15 New Year’s Gardening Resolutions

A brand new year is only a few days away and like the members of our deer fencing company, we bet you’ll be making some New Year’s resolutions. If you’re a gardener, here are some great resolutions for you to make for 2014. (And if you’re not a gardener, make a resolution to become one!): 1. [...]

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