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Trellis Netting

Trellis netting is used for growing a variety of climbing plants, including cannabis buds, when vertical support is most needed. 


With weed being legalized or decriminalized in at least 28 states including DC, more people are taking classes and learning how to grow weed outside from the convenience of their own home. Cannabis growers, hemp cultivators and veggie growers alike, turn to trellis netting to help cannabis plants mature, dry and cure.

img-1420.jpgTrident trellis nets are most commonly used by outdoor cannabis growers to help climbing plants stand tall; however, it is also a common growing method when planting indoor cannabis, often used as tray liners during the drying and curing process. 

Trident trellising allows plants to receive direct sunlight while staying protected against wildlife encounters. Nets can be used vertically or horizontally, based on the type of plants that are being grown in the garden. 

Trellis netting from Trident can also be used as tray liners and drying netting for hemp flowers. There are many advantages to using plastic drying netting as tray liners. For one, the mesh is lightweight and easy to manage. Plastic drying netting is easy to clean, non-stick compared to other types of lattice netting, and reusable. Lastly, plastic lattice mesh is much cheaper than alternative mesh and can be used for outdoor use as trellis netting for cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbing plants.

Trident trellis netting will last five years outside.

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