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8' Plastic Deer Fence Kits

8 Foot High Plastic Deer Fence Kits Are Essential For Keeping Deer Off Lawns and Gardens.


Because of their poor sight, deer have trouble jumping structures over 7' tall. Deer don't want to attempt the jump if they aren't sure what is on the other side, but they will if they are being chased by feared wildlife predators - or so they think. For this reason, Deerbusters recommends installing a 8' deer fence kit complete with all the fence parts and materials you need to guard your flowerbeds from scavenging deer.

Deerbusters 8' plastic deer fence kits come with an 8 foot tall roll of Trident plastic deer fence along with all the parts needed to install a basic garden enclosure in the yard. For rabbit and groundhog control, choose a Poly Deer Fence Kit with Rodent Protection to keep away pesky deer, rabbits and groundhogs.  

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