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Wolf Urine


A gray wolf swims after a whitetail buck at Lakeland Provincial Park and Recreation Area in northern Alberta. (David Smith / LEP Photography)

If you think this looks bad for the deer, wait until you see them interface on land...

Wolves are a predatory animal of the deer species; and white-tailed deer know that they cannot outrun, nor out-swim, a wolf. Because deer fear wolves, Deerbusters has a deer management solution for homeowners to repel deer from properties: Apply Deerbusters all-natural wolf pee anywhere where deer damage occurs on the property. 

If you need to know where to buy wolf urine, you've come to the right place. With wolf urine from Deerbusters, deer will think wolves are near the garden and will most likely run away from the 'wolf pack,' leaving your crops and flowerbeds untouched by deer herd. Save your garden from deer damage with the effective wolf urine for sale on 

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