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Steel Hex Fence

Steel Hex Web Fence is one of Deerbusters' best-selling metal deer fence used for livestock security and garden protection from deer and small garden critters.


Known for its virtual invisibility, Steel Hex Web Fence acts as both a reliable deer fence and rodent barrier in gardens. This steel fence type contains 20 gauge galvanized steel core with a thick, protective PVC-coating creating an 18 gauge fence wire. Because of the PVC-coating, this type of metal deer fence is chew-resistant, rust-resistant and weather-resistant. It will last 20+ years in the field!

Not only is Steel Hex Web Fence used for deer and rodent management in gardens; but it is recommended to livestock owners raising poultry, such as backyard chickens, to protect flock from coyotes, wolves and foxes.

steel-hex.jpgIn 2018, Deerbusters introduced an addition to the Steel Hex Web Fence Collection called HEXA-GONE™. This update to the Steel Hex Web Fence remains virtually invisible, but is stronger and longer-lasting. 

Deerbusters Steel Hex Web Fence and HEXA-GONE™ are ideal for homeowners who are looking for a reliable deer fence without destroying views of their surroundings.

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