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Groundhog & Rabbit Fence Kits

If you are a homeowner suffering crop damage because of groundhogs and rabbits, then you need these rodent barrier fence kits.

"We purchased a Deerbusters fence with rabbit guard and were amazed at the quality of the product. We wanted to plant a large vegetable garden but continually battle deer and rabbits. We decided to go for it this fall and plowed up a large 30' x 50' area to fence in. The fencing came quickly after ordering and contained everything we needed to put up. We did get online and watched the how-to videos which were very helpful. We are extremely satisfied with this product." Dennis T.


Our critter fence kits offer reliable crop protection for when you need to stop these nuisance animals from invading flowerbed and organic gardens once and for all.

We have a love-hate relations with both rabbits and groundhogs (woodchucks). At first glance, bunnies and groundhogs look sweet, innocent and adorable; but after a while we learn the truth about them: They are destructive garden rodents that eat all types of vegetables. In the autumn, these small critters will eat cool-weather vegetables including carrots, lettuce/kale, peas, and squash. Groundhogs can even climb! For all of these reasons and more, rodent fence kits are a must for home growers. 

This fence is ideal for keeping out rabbits, groundhogs and moles from vegetable gardens, so homeowners can enjoy growing and eating plants to the fullest. Kits come complete with all fence materials and fence parts to eliminate any confusion for the installer. The advantage to the virtually invisible steel hex fence material is that it is chew-proof, and particularly effective against burrowing animals if the bottom six inches of the fence is buried. So, hop to it; and get groundhog and bunny fencing today.

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