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Cat fencing is the ideal solution if you need to create a space outdoors for your cat to exercise and explore. The stimulation is great for a cat and will help keep them fit and happy for many years.

Cat Fence Kits are the easiest way to construct a basic cat fence enclosure. The benefits of installing a DeerBusters Cat Fence is that the fencing material is the same high-quality, nearly invisible polypropylene mesh that our customers love. Moreover, the kit comes with everything needed to install the fence, from the posts to the stakes to the self-locking ties, and more. Once you have enough material to build your cat fence enclosure, be sure to add a cat fence gate to allow access from various points along the fencing.

Cat owners love our cat fencing system because it features flexible mesh that moves with the cats’ weight, thwarting any attempt to scale the fence, and overhead extenders that prevent any efforts to climb over.  Not only will your cat fence look great in your yard, but it will be an effective and lasting enclosure for your pets.

For homes with existing fences, our Cat Fence Conversion System can be used to make any existing fence and safe and secure cat fence system. The extenders are attached to your current fence posts and our cat fence material is attached to both the extenders and your fencing to keep your cats inside the fence.


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