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Deerbusters has fencing solutions for dogs of all breeds!

Dog owners may not know that domestic dogs need a minimum 30 minutes of daily outdoor activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. As dogs age, exercise is of the utmost importance. Senior dogs that do not maintain enough outdoor physical activity are prone to a number of diseases and ailments including arthritis, diabetes and obesity. This is why yard fence for dogs are great for improving animal health and wellness.

News: There are approximately 12 million homeless animals taken into animal rescue centers across the nation looking for forever homes. Let's close the gap together during the Clear the Shelters Event on August 19, 2017. Work with Deerbusters to give these homeless animals a second chance at living! #CleartheShelters.

Deerbusters Dog Fence Kits and accessories come with everything you need to build a secure outdoor dog enclosure. A Deerbusters dog fence kit is ideal for pet owners who are new to installing a dog fence in their backyard. For smaller, calmer dogs that will not challenge the fence, we suggest installing a poly dog fence roll. For chewing and digging dogs, consider a stronger dog fence such as our PVC-coated welded wire or steel hex web dog fence. Fencing dogs in has never been so easy!

Please note: Deerbusters only offers humane solutions to pet enclosures. We do not offer wireless dog fence, electric fence for dogs or shock collars.