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Dog owners may not know that domestic dogs need a minimum 30 minutes of daily outdoor activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. This is why a yard fence for dogs are great for improving animal health and wellness.

In addition to keeping your dog healthy, dog fences protect puppies and dogs from encounters with wildlife. Deer and other wildlife often travel with latched-on ticks carrying Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, that may potentially harm the dog.

Deerbusters Dog Fence Kits and accessories come with everything you need to build a secure outdoor dog enclosure. These dog enclosure kits are ideal for pet owners who are new to installing a dog fence. For smaller, calmer dogs that will not challenge the fence, we suggest installing a poly dog fence roll. For chewing and digging dogs, consider a stronger dog fence such as our PVC-coated welded wire or steel hex web dog fence. Fencing dogs in has never been so easy!

Please note: Deerbusters only offers humane solutions to pet enclosures. We do not offer wireless dog fence, invisible dog fence or shock collars for dogs.