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"At first I thought we wouldn't be able to do it; but once we watched the videos and took our time it became easier. It turned out better than expected and the dogs love it!" Sandra C. 


Dog ownership is more than just adopting a dog from an animal shelter and taking him/her into a home. A puppy or adult dog needs all things that we require to maintain happy lives: exercise; a healthy diet; and socialization, among others. This is why dog enclosures are a must. 

Deerbusters yard fencing for dogs are the humane solution to fencing in dogs. There are many reasons to say 'no' to invisible dog fences and electric fences for dogs. Electric fencing works by sending a small electrical jolt to animals as a reminder not to cross the perimeter. (Shocks are usually through a shock collar that dogs wear.) The dog does not know when the shock will occur; but as they receive more and more harm, they begin to fear moving to the edge of the property line. Why would we, as pet owners, want to instill fear into our pets? This is why we are against invisible fencing for dogs: they are psychologically and physically damaging to pets. 

Dog Fence and accessories come with everything you need to build a secure outdoor dog enclosure. A Deerbusters dog fence kit is ideal for pet owners who are new to installing a dog fence in their backyard and want to use it for dog training and/or security. For smaller, calmer dogs that will not challenge the fence, we suggest installing a poly dog fence roll. For chewing and digging dogs, consider a stronger dog fence such as our PVC-coated welded wire or steel hex web dog fence. Fencing dogs in has never been so easy!

Please note: Deerbusters only offers humane solutions to pet enclosures. We do not offer wireless dog fence, electric fence or shock collars.