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Ground Stakes

Kinked ground stakes and rebar ground stakes for securing the bottom of the fence.



Securing the bottom of your deer fence is essential for keeping out digging deer and small critters.

Deer would rather dig underneath a fence rather than attempt a jump. This is mainly due to poor daytime vision. To block whitetails and other garden pests from digging their way into home gardens, Deerbusters offers ground stakes for enhanced garden security. Without fence stakes, deer and other animals will lift up the fence and help themselves to the plants in the garden. 

In addition to blocking deer browsing in gardens, fence stakes secure dogs inside pet fences and keep them from digging their way out.

Kinked Ground Stakes are recommended for sandy or softer ground while "J" Hook Ground Stakes are better suited for rocky or hard terrain. 

Securing fence to the ground is easy. Simply hammer one ground stake every five feet along the fence line for best results.

These ground stakes are also suitable for use in other applications such as tent stakes. 

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