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Sometimes, wildlife animals just don't get the hint.

And we, as both homeowners and gardeners, want to protect our crops from deer damage and rodent infestations. For this, we suggest electric fence installation to give white-tailed deer a friendly reminder to stay clear from our organic gardens.

Electric fence for deer management is an effective alternative to garden fencing; but before you buy, here are two electric fencing facts: 

#1 The electric fence wire will not harm or kill any animals with which it comes into contact.
#2 The electric deer fence will not cause your monthly electric bill to spike.

Our deer electric fence supplies include everything from fence energizers (the power source), to baited electric fence parts. The voltage of electric fence is high enough to deter deer from attempting to ruin your garden. With just one zap, deer will move away from your garden.

Feel free to call us to learn more about our deer electric fences.

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