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7.5' Deer Fence Kits

Because deer have trouble seeing vertically over 7' high, Deerbusters recommends installing a garden fence at least 7.5' feet high.

Our 7.5' foot high garden enclosures come complete with all the fence parts and accessories you need to install a 7.5' fencing system. Protect flowerbeds from scavenging deer and rodents with our poly deer fence kits for sale on 

A 7.5' plastic deer fence kit will come with a 7.5 high foot roll of Deerbusters max strength poly deer fence along with all the parts needed to install a basic garden enclosure in the yard. For rabbit and groundhog control, choose a Poly Deer Fence Kit with Rodent Protection to keep away pesky deer, rabbits and groundhogs. 

Shop 7.5' Poly Deer Fence Kits now to protect plants from Bambi and friends!

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