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Predator Urine

Predator Urine Coyote Urine & Wolf Urine.

Create the illusion that predator animals are nearby to scare away deer and rodents.

The relationship between predator and prey is not uncommon and gives wildlife animals a chance to establish and mark a territory. Predator pee for sale on are all-natural deer repellents that will make white-tailed deer and other garden pests think twice about feasting on gardens. Wild Animal Pee, though unoffensive to humans, produces an odor that comes across very strong to pests like deer, rabbits, outdoor cats, armadillos and other small animals. That odor leads wildlife to believe that predators frequent the area, making it a less than attractive place to hang around. Choose between coyote or wolf pee, depending on the particular rodents or pests you're trying to target. DeerBusters liquid urines can be used with easily installed hanging or staked diffusers that give you a safe place to apply the product.


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