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Metal Deer Fence

Installing a metal fence with PVC-coating is the best garden management strategy when dealing with chewing animals.

eastern-shore-md-armor-flex-1.jpgSteel fence for wildlife exclusion helps reduce the amount of agriculture damage caused by chewing and digging animals. Not only are metal fences from Deerbusters virtually invisible on properties, but they are strong enough to stop deer, rabbits, groundhogs and other small garden critters from feasting on fruit and veggie gardens. 

Choosing a metal fence with PVC-coating will protect the steel core against chew marks caused by deer and other garden nuisances. The PVC will also protect the fence from weather challenges throughout the year - making the fence less likely to corrode or become brittle like traditional galvanized fence.

Deerbusters offers three types of metal deer fence for sale each with their own special features. Steel Hex Web, best known for its virtual invisibility, is used for deer, groundhog and rabbit management. Welded Wire is appealing to gardeners who care about aesthetics and Fixed Knot Fence is used for deer management as well as livestock security on farms and pastures. Metal fencing lasts over 20 years in the field. Find the steel deer fence and fence parts that work best with your yard and budget.

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