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Steel Hex Web Deer Fence

Introducing Deerbusters' Best Selling Steel Fence For Deer and Critter Control in Gardens!

Known for its virtual invisibility, Steel Hex Web Deer Fence blends in with surroundings to allow homeowners to enjoy their landscape.

Steel Hex Web Fence provides a strong deer and rodent barrier in home gardens and is suited to a variety of uses around properties. Even chicken owners looking to protect poultry from coyotes, wolves and foxes choose hexagon fence.

This type of steel wildlife fence features a 20 gauge galvanized steel core with a thick protective PVC-coating creating an 18 gauge fence wire. Use it to protect landscapes from hungry deer, coyotes, groundhogs, rabbits and gophers that may try to chew through to your flowerbed. Stake the fence around the base of trees or plants for individual protection. Place it around the garden to prevent the local pests from devouring your crop. With its tough PVC coating, this fencing material is fully equipped to stand up to both chew marks and harsh weather conditions for at least 20 years. 

Installation tip to rid rabbits and groundhogs: Trench Steel Hex Fence rolls into the ground 6-12" to prevent burrowing animals from reaching gardens.

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