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Opossum Control Solutions for Home and Garden

Opossums are difficult to eliminate if they find your home and yard appealing. Fortunately, there are several ways to deter and/or permanently remove them from your property. The first step in eradicating an animal from your property is always to properly identify the pest. Since opossums are nocturnal, it’s best to stay up and watch [...]

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Don’t Be A Mr. McGregor

You have worked endless hours tilling, weeding and digging to create a beautiful yard and garden only to wake up one morning and discover something has been using your garden as its midnight buffet. Your first instinct is to turn into Mr.McGregor, that troubled angry gardener from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and stalk the [...]

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Wildlife Control Solutions

There are few more disappointing moments for gardeners than walking out onto your porch to drink a morning cup of coffee and seeing that all of your hard garden work has been destroyed overnight by the local wildlife. Fortunately that fate can be prevented; DeerBusters.com has several solutions to end your wildlife problems. The first step [...]

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Winter Deer Habits

Winter is in full force, bringing with it cold weather, snowfall, warm fires, and grazing deer. For many, there is a fascination with seeing deer in a snow-covered field or even your yard, but unfortunately for a gardener it can be a dreaded sight.Deer Habits Since a deer’s food source is much scarcer in the winter, [...]

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Watch for Lyme Disease

It’s the most common illness caused by arthropods (basically, crawling insects), yet some cases of Lyme disease are not diagnosed; only 150,000 total cases have been reported to the CDC since 1982. Bites from infected deer ticks cause Lyme disease through an infection with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. The reason for its common name is that [...]

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There Goes the Rabbit…

Jackrabbits can munch on garden shrubs but survive with very little water. That means they can hang out around your garden for days and keep coming back to your favorite ornamental plants, eventually stripping them of their foliage. Cottontails also love many ornamentals and turf, but they’re also really fond of the beans, beets, carrots [...]

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Half Off to Keep Deer Off Plants

Once you see the “telltail” signs of deer damage on your plants, it’s often too late. Because deer have no upper incisors, they tear your precious vegetation with their lower incisors and upper palate, leaving the sure-sign jagged edges on plant foliage.Deer RepellentsDeer repellents can ward off deer – at least temporarily. With attention and [...]

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Keep Deer Out of the Garden

by Teresa Odle Deer and other animals love gardens and can’t help but trample on, munch, and sometimes downright destroy vegetables or newly planted flowers. It’s a dilemma when nature’s creatures live nearby and you’d like them to continue to wander in the back 40, but not through your lettuce. There are ways to deter deer [...]

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Deer Fencing Reduces Spread of Lyme Disease

New Methods for Preventing Lyme Disease With symptoms ranging from fever, headaches and fatigue to damaging infections of the joints, heart and nervous system, Lyme disease is a significant health concern. Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi which is transmitted to humans and animals through tick bites. “Although many tick species can transmit Lyme [...]

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Seed Starting: A How-to Guide

The members of our deer fencing company love gardening, so we’ve put together our own how-to guide for seeding: Make sure you have all necessary supplies. Peat pots or other pots and planters, tools, potting mix, seeds, plant markers, watering supplies, grow lights, fertilizers and heated seed germination equipment are just some examples of what you [...]

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