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Deer Fence Install Q&A



Ready to install Deerbusters deer fence? Great! Before digging holes, Deerbusters recommends that installers view our installation instructions and video for assistance. Below are common questions Deerbusters representatives' receive on a daily basis that may help answer your questions after you buy deer fence supplies.

After buying Deerbusters deer fence

How deep will ground sleeves go into the ground?

Typically, about 30 inches into the ground. Using a driver cap will aid homeowners in easily driving in ground sleeves without mushrooming, or damaging, the sleeve. 

My posts seem too long for the fence I want.

When installing fence posts into ground sleeves, installers will lose about 1 foot of height. In turn, the fence will be the height that is expected.

What's the best spacing for fence posts?

Fence posts should be spaced 15-20 feet apart from each other. Installers may wish to go 10 feet apart; however, be prepared to install fence tensioning to avoid sagging/drooping posts. 

Should I roll out the fence mesh to install?

When installing the fence without assistance, it is best to stand up the fence; and roll the fence mesh from post the post for ease of installation. With helpful hands, the fence can be rolled out in its entirety; but it will depend on how many assistants are available for the project!

How do I add ground stakes?

Hammer in ground stakes at the bottom of the fence line every 5 feet apart from each other. 

Where do I put white deer flags?

Deer flags, or warning banners, work best in the middle of the fence. Adding them to the top of the fence will give deer a better gauge when jumping. (This will not end well for growers.)

Where do I add zip ties?

Self-locking ties are used to attach Deerbusters fence mesh to the fence posts. The ties go every foot along the fence post.

My gate did not come with ground sleeves. Is this a mistake?

Fence gates for sale on do not require ground sleeves with the exception of the 8' access gates for deer fence which includes ground sleeves for installation.

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