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Elk Fence is the best fence solution for homeowners experiencing elk damage in gardens.

As of 1989, elk populations in the Rocky Mountains reached 782,500 with an estimated 1 million elk species in North America. These majestic creatures scout for legumes throughout the year and are known to be one of the fastest land mammals reaching running speeds up to 45 mph!

With the large number of elk herds on the continent, what can we do as homeowners to stop agriculture damage caused by elk? The answer: Install elk fence from 

Deerbusters offers UV-resistant elk fence made from a durable polypropylene fence mesh that has a breaking load of 1400 pounds and a life expectancy of at least 30 years. Even better, the rounded tensile strands and small joints of the large animal fence creates the appearance of a virtually invisible deer fence from 35 feet away.

Elk are increasingly becoming a problem for cattle and livestock farmers on the Pacific Coast due to the new Elk Hoof Disease that is affecting the health of livestock including goats, cattle and sheep. Although sightings of limping elk have increased, the reported diseased elk and other animals are located in parts of Oregon and Washington State. Currently, there isn't a vaccine to treat the crippling hoof disease and researchers have yet to find other proven methods for curing the deformities.

The only way to stop an 800 pound elk from potentially harming livestock and farming crops is by using elk fencing on landscapes. Choose from either 6' or 8' heights. Although elk can jump over 6 feet high, they will not do so simply to reach food source. If elk are causing crop damage, or are rummaging around your property, consider ultimate protection with an elk fence from

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