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How To Repel Rabbits


Rabbits are adorable small critters that are loved by many people. Except for gardeners. 

Rabbits are primarily leaf-eaters; but they will not say no to eating broccoli, celery, cilantro and collard greens. For vegetable gardeners looking for methods to repel rabbits, Deerbusters has devised the ultimate strategy. 

european-rabbits-1006621-1280.jpgKeeping Rabbits Out of the Garden

Step 1: First things first, gardeners need to build a chew-proof steel rodent fence around their garden perimeter. Rabbits teeth grow between 3-5" annually; and to trim teeth and deal with the pain, bunnies gnaw on hard surfaces such as fences. To protect veggie gardens, the garden fence needs to be at least 2 feet high and have PVC-coating to protect the fence from chew marks from bunnies. Trenching the fence into the ground will also prevent the bunny from digging underneath the fence to get to crops. Consider Steel Hex Web Fence or Welded Wire Fence for rabbit control.

Step 2: Gardeners should plant flowers and herbs that rabbits hate. Just like deer, rabbits are picky eaters; and they will hop away after smelling and tasting certain plants. Rabbits may eat some plants; but not all them agree with their digestive systems (watch the video to learn more). However, they will always try eating apples, hydrangeas, lilies, pansy, violets, maple and impatiens.

Some of these plants are deer-resistant as an added bonus. The smell of the plants will send deer away from your garden. You'll definitely want to grow these plants around your garden fence as a secondary barrier. 

Perform these steps; and see a dramatic reduction in both deer and rabbit damage in gardens.

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