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Missing Cat Behavior


Your cat isn't responding to his/her name; and you notice that the side door is cracked open.

The key here is not to panic. After all, cats are independent felines; and they naturally take care of themselves. (That's one of the top reasons to own a cat, right?) There may be 70 million homeless cats wandering throughout the country, but your cat doesn't have to be one of them.

Although it may seem like the cat is gone for good, cats are generally territorial; and may just be in hiding if they are in-fear of being chased by a human or another pet. Cats may decide to stay-put if they end up in a yard that is unfamiliar grounds. Give it some time, your cat may come back on its own. You would be surprised at a cat's ability to find its home after going "missing" for a days.

July is the busiest time of year for families, as they celebrate America's birthday and spend a lot of time outdoors.The sound of fireworks may scare cats and you may find your domestic cat hiding in bushes or up in trees to escape the loud bangs. 

cat-1516289-1920.jpgBecause July is Lost Pet Prevention Month, Deerbusters wants to offer missing cat tips for handing the situation.

1. Give it time - As mentioned, cats basically have a built-in GPS where they can easily find their home and hone-in on their surroundings, if they aren't too far away from their known area.

2. Check trees and bushes - Cats may be in hiding if dogs are provoking them. Cats may be having trouble getting down from tree tops; and may feel stuck.

3. Use social media for good - Post information about your missing cat to your network on Facebook and Twitter. Contact local animal groups in your area that can help you locate your missing kitty.

4. Share flyers - Knock on doors and ask neighbors for help. Leave flyers with local businesses and check in with local humane societies and cat shelters to see if your cat has entered into the facility.

It's great to know what to do when you have a missing kitten or cat; but to avoid cat incidents, Deerbusters suggests installing an outdoor enclosure for cats to "escape" in the backyard. Having a cat fence allows cats the freedom to explore the great outdoors without wandering into unknown territory.

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