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Who is TENAX and what do they do?

TENAX has been producing quality deer fence rolls for over 50 years, and is the largest plastic fence manufacturer in the United States. The advantages of installing a TENAX deer fence lies within the thick, rounded strands of mesh. TENAX American-made deer fences are made using a bi-oriented manufacturing process, resulting in a poly deer fence of optimum strength. The round strands are extremely tough, and are more invisible than flat or semi-rounded strands. The strength of the material reduces the likeliness of stretching and sagging, and the rounded shape allows wind to pass right through, minimizing the risk damage from the weather. Additionally, the unique mesh design creates a virtually invisible deer fence from a distance.

How do you know which TENAX C Flex fence is right for you? Consider your needs. Do you have light deer traffic in your area? Do want to enclose a small yard or garden? The Heavy Duty C Flex Deer Fence may be what you’re looking for.

If you have more consistent deer traffic along your property line or want to effectively enclose a larger area of land, you may want to consider the Extra Strength C Flex P Deer Fence.

When you need to enclose a large area of land such as a farm or large field or you are experiencing aggressive deer traffic, consider the Maximum Strength C Flex HD Deer Fence. As one of the strongest poly deer fences on the market, you can count on this fence to last over 20 years in the field.

See the below chart to find the TENAX fence option that works best for your needs!

  Residential Commercial Garden Perimeter Low Deer Pressure Heavy Deer Pressure Existing Deer Trail
C-Flex  YES    YES    YES    
C-Flex HD  YES  YES    YES    YES  YES
UltraMax    YES    YES    YES  YES

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