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  • 7.5' x 100' Kitty Corral Cat Fence System

Kitty Corral Cat Fence System 7.5'x100'

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Kitty Corral Cat Fence System 7.5'x100'

The Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System is made from the same durable yet flexible polypropylene mesh material as our award-winning virtually invisible deer fence. However, our cat fencing has been engineered specifically to contain and safeguard your feline friends. The cat fence is nearly impossible for a cat to climb because the flexible mesh moves with the catÂ’s weight. As an additional safeguard, the top of the cat fence has a sturdy, inward-facing extender. Our unique extenders are made from 1 3/8" powder coated pipe, a big advantage to keeping cats in compared to other systems. To prevent chewing damage, the bottom two feet of our cat fence is a heavy duty vinyl coated steel welded wire, stronger than most of our competitors. Also, the cat fence is secured with galvanized steel ground stakes, which keep kitty from crawling underneath. Our cat fence will blend into your tree line. You will barely even notice the cat fence is there. It is UV-resistant and has an outdoor lifespan of ten years. Our cat fencing system is high quality and can be removed and reinstalled if necessary. Designed for easy homeowner installation, our cat fencing system comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Patent Pending. Tools required for installation (not included): sledgehammer, tape measure, ladder, hammer, drill with Phillips bit and socket or adjustable wrench Optional accessories (sold seperately): Access Gate, Tie Puller and Cutter Tool, Hogringer, Hog Rings, Extra Posts.


Kit Includes:

  • (1) 7.5 ft. H x 100 ft. L roll poly fencing
  • (8) 24 in. sleeves for line posts
  • (1) sleeve drive cap
  • (8) 7.5 ft. H x 1 3/8 in. W posts
  • (8) 1 3/8 in. overhang extenders
  • (6) wall mounts for posts
  • (6) 100 ct. bag of self-locking ties
  • (1) 2 ft. H x 100 ft. W wire mesh
  • (2) bags 12 in. kinked stakes (60 total)
  • (24) self-tapping screws
  • (8) end caps
  • installation instructions
  • Fencing - polypropylene plastic, black
  • Posts, extenders, end caps - vinyl-coated steel, black
  • Overhang - approximately 2 ft. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Kitty Corral Fencing System 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Apr 2012

    "Nice product with with only 2 issues:

    1) Hilly terrain makes neat installation
    difficult. Must cut & attach fence a
    section at a time. Helps to use small
    wire ties for neatness.

    2) Hard ground makes pipe ""sleeves""
    difficult to drive into ground. Top
    of sleeve wants to ""roll"" down and
    if you hit a rock, end of sleeve will
    bend up and make it more difficult
    to drive. Had to buy extra sleeve to
    replace one that was rendered
    useless due to this."

  2. Kitty Corral Fencing 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2012

    "Very ingenious concept. I have six cats and none of them have been able to get out and no strays have been able to get in. Pretty easy to understand how to install, pound in sleeves, put posts up in sleeves, tie fencing to post. Don't however, expect your fence to look as nice as the pictures.

    Corners are crazy to figure out and don't lay correctly and fencing doesn't lay over the top nice and straight as in the pictures. This is because most ground is not even and so the post end up being different heights, even just a little will cause waves in the fencing. It still does the job however.

    I do recommend buying extra posts and do not put the post more than 10 feet (they say the max is 15). 10 feet is even a bit too far as the fencing needs more support to keep it from waving so much. Also the sleeves do ""roll"" if you hit hard ground or tree roots, the more you pound, the more they roll so be aware.

    I bought two gates and wrote a review of the gates under the gate pages."

  3. Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2012

    I love the cat fencing. We had a cat cottage built for my (9) male cats. They have explored and were determined to find a way out, however, no luck. Not a single one has escaped. We live in the foothills of the NC mountains where coyote, wolves, and mountain lions roam. I feel at ease knowing my cats can't get out and nothing can get in. The only problem we really had with installation was the corners needed additional support. My husband had to make braces from conduit and screwed it to the corner posts. Quick delivery and great service ! Thanks


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