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Deer Fence Categories

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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

The electric fence garden: Is it right for you and your needs?

First, let us dispel the two most common myths:

#1 The electric fence wire will not harm or kill any animals with which it comes into contact
#2 The electric deer fence will not cause your monthly electric bill to spike

Electric fences are the perfect solution for maximum security and protection.

Our electric fence supplies include everything from fence energizers (the power source), to electric baited deer fence parts. These parts allow you to choose to “electrify” certain parts of your fence for security purposes.

At Deer Busters, we understand the investment you are making when determining how you will secure and protect your property. For years now, we’ve been in the business of helping property owners determine which option will work best according to the size of their property, their challenges and goals, and their budgets.


Feel free to give our team a call. We’d be happy to listen to your needs and to help you determine which options might be right for you.


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