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15 Safety Tips for Hunters

15 Safety Tips for Hunters

Posted by Deerbusters on 5th May 2014

If you’re planning on hunting this season, our deer fence company would like to remind you that it’s very important to take the right safety measures. Every year, dozens of hunting accidents are reported and many people end up accidentally hurt. For example: Recently in two separate incidents, a group of friends went hunting together and one man in each group was fatally shot by a friend who mistook him for a deer. Follow these safety tips the next time you’re out hunting:

1. Assume all guns are loaded. Even if the gun you pick up isn’t yours, it’s much safer to assume it’s loaded than not loaded.

2. Use a fall restraint or harness when using a tree stand. Falling out of a tree stand can be very dangerous – even paralyzing if you fall the wrong way. Take precautions to stay safe.

3. Pay attention to what’s beyond your target. You may be so focused on aiming at a deer that you don’t see a person behind the deer.

4. Avoid drinking and drugs. Both can alter your clear thinking and cause bad decisions.

5. Always store and transport your weapons separate from their ammunition.

6. Wear a blaze orange cap or vest. This makes you visible to other hunters.

7. Don’t hunt alone. If something should happen to you and you’re in the middle of the woods by yourself, it may be a long time until you can get help.

8. Have the proper hunting license(s). If you hunt illegally, you could face some serious fines.

9. Wear eye and ear protection when shooting a gun.

10. If hunting from a boat, make sure you have a flotation device at all times.

11. Always point the muzzle of your gun in a safe direction. Even if it’s unloaded, you’re better safe than sorry.

12. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. This will prevent any accidental shots.

13. Before every hunting session, make sure your equipment works properly.

14. If you use a tree stand, don’t climb up it with your weapon in hand. Instead, use a rope to raise and lower them from the stand to the ground.

15. Don’t hunt on land without the property owner’s consent.

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