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8 Gardener Gift Ideas

8 Gardener Gift Ideas

Posted by Deerbusters on 12th May 2014

It may be too cold to garden this holiday season, but our deer fence company knows that gardening gifts are appreciated all year round. We’ve come up with some great gift ideas that the gardeners on your holiday list are sure to love:

Sugar Scrub

After a hard day’s work outside, there’s no better way to get dirt off your hands than with a good sugar scrub. Whether you make your own (check out this great recipe) or purchase it, your gardener will enjoy soft hands that are full of moisture and smell great.


A sundial is a great addition to any garden decor. You can find ones that sit right in your garden or ones on pedestals and in a variety of designs and materials like brass, cast iron, bronze, and copper.

Indoor Plant Stand

Indoor plant stands are perfect for growing your own little garden during the winter. With a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, you can easily find one that fits your gardener’s taste and decor. You can even find ones that have built-in trays that catch excess water from watering.

Shovel Set

Gardening calls for a variety of shovels like spades, round shovels, scoops, square shovels, and more. Create a shovel “gift set” by mixing and matching various shovels that your gardener will use often.

Compost Bin

Making your own compost is easy, and winter is the perfect season to do it. All you have to do is combine kitchen scraps and yard scraps and let them mesh together in a bin. After a couple months, you’ll have a nutrient-rich plant compost perfect for spring gardening. If your gardener doesn’t already make their own compost, an indoor compost bin is a great idea. Indoor models are built to seal in odors and are washable.

Plant/Flower Guide

Today, there are hundreds of gardening books that can make any gardener’s life easier. Find a plant guide or a flower guide that tells you species varieties, growth behavior, zone comforts, and more to help you gardener choose their next (or first) project.

Herb Variety Pack

Herbs are perfect for growing indoors – they’ll fill any home with fresh scents and are wonderful for cooking. Give your gardener an herb variety pack that’s ready to use and they can keep the herbs growing as they enjoy them.

Foldable Seat/Kneeler

Gardeners spend a lot of time bent over their plants and flowers, which is why a foldable seat/kneeler is the perfect gift. Your gardener can easily carry it out to their garden, unfold it, and use it to kneel or sit on. They won’t have to worry anymore about getting grass or dirt stains on their pants.

Deer Fence

Having a garden takes hard work, and we’re sure the last thing your gardener wants is deer or other small animals eating away at it. With a deer fence, your gardeners can protect their property and rest easy, knowing that their plants and flowers are safe.

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