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A Deer’s Favorite Plants

A Deer’s Favorite Plants

Posted by Deerbusters on 5th May 2014

Have you been wondering why deer are eating all of the plants in your yard? During the winter season, a deer’s food source becomes limited and they look for food wherever it can be found, but besides that, your yard may have plants that deer are fond of. Below is a list of plants that deer love to eat, which may help you determine why deer love your garden or landscaping so much.

Fruit Trees

Deer love fruit and will munch on nearly any type of fruit tree – apple, plum, peach, cherry, apricot, fig, etc.


These large, bright yellow flowers are an inviting sight (and a great food source) for deer.


Having clover in your yard will almost certainly attract deer. These animals love the purple, white, or yellow flowers that the plant produces, along with its leaves.


Deer love peas and other types of veggies, so if you have a garden that you use for food, make sure you spray your edibles with some effective deer repellent.


Along with clover, lettuces are the easiest things for deer to munch on. They’ll eat everything from romaine to escarole to red leaf lettuce.

Dogwood Trees

Deer are particularly fond of dogwood trees, especially when they’re young and flowering.


No matter whether your tulip flower are red, pink, yellow, purple, or white, deer tend to favor these plants.


The large, hearty leaves of hostas are known for attracting hungry deer.

Strawberry Bushes

Deer love any kind of berry bush, but the fragrant strawberry bush is particularly appealing to them.

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