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Cyber Monday Begins Now On

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Nov 2017

'Tis the season to give; and we want to help gardeners protect landscape with easy to install deer fence and accessories from This Cyber Monday, Deerbusters is offering two opportunities for customers to save big on deer fence materials:

Offer 1: Garden Fence Enclosures + Discounted Gates

When a customer orders an enclosed garden fence, he/she can purchase a fence gate at a lower price. Completely enclosed garden fencing is meant for growers experiencing both deer and bird damage. Available in poly, steel hex and welded wire materials for every unique gardener. 

Offer 2: Fence Extensions For Wooden and Aluminum Fences

Homeowners may have purchased a home with an already existing fence, such as a wooden fence or chain-link fence. Or, perhaps homeowners installed a chain-link fence to keep-in dogs. Whatever the reason, the current fence exists; but provides little garden security. 

This is why Deerbusters offers Fence Extension Kits to give already existing fences additional height. Fence Extenders provide garden protection from wildlife and home security from theft and robbers. 

Cyber Monday 2017 begins now from Deerbusters Deer Fence. Cyber Monday sales expire on December 3, 2017. 

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