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Deer Diet

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Apr 2016

All deer are herbivores, which means they stay away from all types of meat - always. When available, deer eat fruits, nuts, acorns and plants. In the Fall, when some crops become scarce, they will nibble on grass (for livestock) and evergreens. Wintertime brings deer non-nutritional woody plants including leaves, twigs, fallen leaves and bushes.

If attracting deer is at the top of your list of things to do, go ahead and plant trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Usually for farmers and gardeners alike, they take extreme measures to rid deer by protecting their deer fencing system with the appropriate deer repellent.

Fruits of all kinds are a favorite entrée for deer. Because fruits are a limited commodity for a deer (hopefully), deer consider fruits to be a luxury. An adult deer diet mainly consists of plants and wild flowers including cultivated vegetables such as beans, potatoes, soybean, wheat and rye. Until fawns are old enough to eat grass and leaves, they will eat their mother’s milk.

For more helpful deer tips, read our blog post on the fruits and vegetables that deer hate to eat.

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