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Deer Fences that Keep Deer Out

Posted by Deerbusters on 5th May 2014

What You Should Know About DEER FENCE

Why Our Deer Fence Works

The world knows two types of effective polypropylene deer fencing. One type, round-strand deer fencing, is made only by the Tenax Corporation. The other type, made by various firms, is extruded or flat-strand deer fencing. The basic requirement for both types, to make them suitably strong, is that they contain at least 80 grams of polypropylene per square meter.

These are the kinds of deer fencing installed by landscapers and deer fence professionals everywhere, and they differ sharply from most of the deer fencing offered by mass marketers. We offer this fencing at rock-bottom prices, together with prompt shipment. We also offer valuable advise by phone (888-422-3337) or email about how to cut installation costs.

For those who need really rugged fencing, we also offer metal hexagrid deer fence. This metal hexagrid product ends all deer penetrations. Strong, good-looking, and even less visible than polypropylene deer control fence, metal hexagrid fencing is the longest-lasting deer fencing available today.

We also offer fence posts and a wide range of other professional-grade deer fence supplies at very reasonable prices. And for those who wish to install their own deer control fence or brush up on installation procedures, we provide the best set of deer fence installation videos and written installation instructions available anywhere.

Why You Should Buy Deer Fences from Us

  • We Pledge You: High quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery, sound guidance, and satisfaction.
  • Wide Product Choice: Our products cover the full range of effective barrier deer fencing tools and supplies.
  • Broad Experience: We have knowledge of both barrier fence and electric fence. So we can help you weigh the pros and cons of these alternatives, both alone and in combination.
  • Guidance: These pages and our Deer Fence Installation Videos contain all the information needed for you or your chosen workers to install our barrier deer fencing–allowing you to avoid high professional installation fees.
  • Consultation: Our customer service desk is available to help with product options, quotes, and technical queries.

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