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Deer Fences vs. Animal Fences

Deer Fences vs. Animal Fences

Posted by Deerbusters on 12th May 2014

At Deer Busters, we’re known for our award-winning deer fences, but we also sell animal fences for dogs, cats, and rodents. There are some differences between the two types – while some keep animals out, others keep animals in. All, however, are virtually invisible, long-lasting, and require little maintenance.

Deer Fences

Deer like to jump, which is why our deer fences come in a variety of heights up to 8 feet tall, so even the largest or most agile deer can’t get over them. Our deer fences are either built from heavy-duty polypropylene plastic or steel. Both materials are highly durable to sustain the strength of deer.

Deer are often found near wooded areas or fields, and properties near these areas tend to have a lot of land. This means that in order to protect all of your land from deer, you’re going to need a long fence. At Deer Busters, we understand this, which is why our deer fences are available in lengths up to 330 feet.

Animal Fences

While deer fences are used to keep deer out, animal fences are often used by property owners to keep their animals in.

Cat Fences

Since you can rarely train a cat to stay within property lines, having an outdoor cat can be difficult. With a cat fence, however, you won’t have to worry about your cat wandering away. Our cat fence systems come in heights of 6 feet or 7 1/2 feet and a length of 100 feet. Our cat fences are unique, however. While they’re made from the same polypropylene material as our deer fences, our cat fences feature an inward-facing overhang so that your cat can’t climb up and over the fence. We also have a conversion system that can turn your current fence into a cat fence.

Dog Fences

Since dogs can’t climb like cats can, our dog fences are built like our deer fences, but smaller. Available in polypropylene or steel and in a variety of strengths, you can choose to have your fence extend 4 feet or 5 feet high and up to 330 feet long.

Rodent Fences

Our rodent fencing is available in rolls so you can attach it to the bottom of your deer, dog, or cat fence. These fences are made from steel and have a smaller-diameter webbing that is chew-resistant and keeps even the smallest rodents out of your yard or property.

No matter what type of animal you’re trying to keep out of (or in) your yard, Deer Busters can help. If you have any questions, please feel free to call one of our experts.

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