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Deerbusters Fencing Products Purchased Together

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jul 2016

At Deerbusters, we believe a little help can go a long way. We know that there are numerous deer fencing options. We know that their are fence accessories that can help with the installation process. And, we know it can be overwhelming. Below, are a few related products on that may help you decide which fence supplies to purchase when building your deer fence. 

1. Ties: 8" Self Locking 120 lb UV Heavy Duty , 1000 pk

We recommend these 8 inch heavy duty self-locking ties to secure deer fencing to our angle steel or heavy duty line posts. These ties are ultra-violet (UV) stabilized to prevent breakdown from the sun and weather, and increase the longevity of your ties and fence. We suggest that you use at least 6 self-locking ties per post. Use our self-locking ties with the cutter-puller tool to ensure a tight and attractive installation. Self locking ties also pair well with Tension Wire Clamps for 1/5/8" line posts

2.Tension Wire Clamps for 1/5/8" Line Posts

If you read #1, you will see that these fence line post clamps are often purchased with our self locking ties. Make sense. But, they also are often bought with 333' Black 12 gauge monofilament wire. The 12 gauge monofilament wire is used to strengthen our standard perimeter deer fence as well as keep the fence from sagging between posts. The monofilament wire is ultra violet (UV) stabilized to prevent breakdown caused by the sun and weather. The breaking load is approximately 700 pounds.

3. Kinked Ground Stakes - 30 pack

It is important that the bottom edge of your fence is staked firmly to the ground to prevent deer and smaller critters from digging underneath fences and getting into gardens. These 12" kinked ground stakes are suitable for leafy or average soils, and feature a kinked design that will make any attempt to pull it out of the ground difficult.They are best paired with our 6'H Small Deer Fence Ends.

If you would like other recommendations from, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 to answer your call!

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