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Deerbusters Introduces Garden Fence Kits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Oct 2017

We heard your complaints about birds swooping in and eating your berries. We know that deer are finding their way into your vegetable garden. Rabbits and groundhogs are tunneling into flowerbeds. Deerbusters garden fence kits are just what you need to reinforce deer, small critter and bird control. 

Now, Deerbusters offers fully enclosed deer fence kits with tops to stop deer damage in gardens while stopping birds and other wildlife from devouring flowerbeds. Available in 7.5' foot tall, these garden fence kits are available in three types of fence mesh: poly, steel hex web and welded wire materials. These fence kits measure 15'W x 15'L and may appear virtually invisible from a short distance. garden fence kits come complete with all fence parts needed to install a deer fence with a top. Deer fence gates can be purchased for an additional fee.

To stop digging deer, chewing rodents and nosy birds, choose a garden fence kit for sale from 

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