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Deerbusters Now Carrying TENAX Snow Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Oct 2017

'Tis the season for homeowners and commercial builders to install a TENAX Snow Fence from Snow barrier fences are great for a variety of uses; but are mostly used at airports and roads as a safety fence. TENAX snow guard fencing can reduce the number of motor vehicle incidents due to snow drift on roads! 

The way it works is simple: The fences themselves cause snow drifts. These snow fences work by causing turbulence in the wind and trapping the snow - moving it away from undesirable areas such as roads and buildings. Snow and ice removal and control costs over $2 billion annually in the US.Studies published by Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) of National Research Council in 1991 showed that mechanical snow removal costs about 100 times more than trapping snow with fences. This is why snow fences can be useful for ski resorts as well as for transportation units. 

For homeowners and farmers, farm snow fences can push snow away from crops and preserve soil moisture. Snow fences also serve as a security system and can stop wildlife from making their way into organic gardens.

Deerbusters is offering two types of TENAX Snow Fencing: Snow Guard Fences and Nordic II Fencing (a heavier grade of snow fence by TENAX). 

Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep snow off your landscape this winter, or are a transportation project manager looking to keep snow off of roadways, a TENAX snow guard fence is what you need this coming season.

See snow guard fences from TENAX on for more information. 

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