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Half Off to Keep Deer Off Plants

Posted by Deerbusters on 21st Apr 2014

Once you see the “telltail” signs of deer damage on your plants, it’s often too late. Because deer have no upper incisors, they tear your precious vegetation with their lower incisors and upper palate, leaving the sure-sign jagged edges on plant foliage.

Deer Repellents

Deer repellents can ward off deer – at least temporarily. With attention and repeated use, you can keep deer away from your crops and ornamentals, especially when the plants are at their most vulnerable or productive stages. And now’s the time to buy, while Deerbusters is offering 50 percent off on most Deerbuster Deer Repellents.

If you’ve got large plants to protect, a concentrate is your best bet. It costs a little more but goes further. Concentrate is more compact to store than ready-made repellents and with the 2.5 gallon bottle, you can mix up to 20 gallons of premium liquid repellent before all is said and done. That should cover the equivalent of 3,000 to 4,000 high shrubs or flowers. Or you might prefer powder, which comes in a 16-oz. size. And if your deer are finicky and only after your hostas, a bottle of premixed spray is all you’ll need. All of the Deerbusters Deer Repellents are made with natural ingredients — egg, garlic, and hot pepper.

Keep a record of your regular spraying to be sure to spray regularly and stay one step ahead of these quick and quiet creatures. These repellents will work for up to three months before reapplication.

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