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How To Deter Armadillos

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Mar 2018

Just as with groundhogs, ridding armadillos from the yard is no easy task. They don't really chew because of small teeth; but they do dig; and they will burrow down 7 to 8" inches down to reach gardens. A common myth is that mothballs with deter armadillos; but don't be fooled. This method will do absolutely nothing to keep armadillos away from your property and will poison the environment. 

It's best to keep mothballs at the store. Here are a few ways to get rid of armadillos:

Armadillo Repellents

Use an effective castor oil-based repellent to drive armadillos out and to prevent them from digging for food on your property. Castor oil is an all-natural oil that penetrates the ground, and repels armadillos in two ways: spoils the food sources (insects, grubs, etc.) underground, making them unpleasant to eat.

Cayenne pepper 


Traps will remove one at a time; but trapping armadillos is not suitable for long-term results. Use armadillo traps as a secondary option.

Armadillo's Predator Urine

Use Coyote Urine to rid armadillos. These little fellas are scared of being eaten by coyotes; and they will burrow elsewhere if they think they smell the wild animal near. Coyote pee can be sprinkled anywhere on landscapes; but it will need to be re-applied after heavy sun exposure, rain or snow. The scent will only last 30-60 days without a dispenser. 


Building a fence around properties can possibly keep out an armadillo; but there are a few installation to-do's. Firstly, armadillos do not chew; so a metal rodent fence is not completely necessary; but addressing the digging is critical. Try trenching a plastic garden fence as low as possible to stop armadillos from making their way into the gardening area. Keep in-mind that armadillos can jump 3-4 feet straight up; but they lack poor vision; so, they will most likely not attempt a jump unless chased by a coyote (similar to a deer). 

While armadillos may appear cute to some; they carry leprosy and are responsible for the spread of the disease. Keep armadillos away from yards to protect family members from leprosy.

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